The Impact

Ben Franklin  (One of the Founding Fathers of the United States, Inventor of the lightning rod, Grandfather of Innovation) famously said  ....


"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."

In today’s international manufacturing marketplace his words are even more prescient. What many multinational companies often fail to recognize is the absolute necessity of meticulous detail and trend translation in all phases of product design.

Mistakes at the early stage of the production development process can be very costly.  If the details are not properly delivered, there is the potential for production samples to be wrong, for timelines to go astray. And you don’t need us to remind you that time is money in the world of product design. Poorly executed or late products that do not sell because they are “off trend” have the potential to destroy brands and profit margins.

Don’t wait for another late shipment or disappointing color conversion. Contact Esthetic today and recover the capital that is all too often lost in translation. Not to mention the fact that our creative trend forecasting will help you keep relevant, refresh or design new private brands and generate sales in our ever-changing fashion-forward era.


At Esthetic we believe that there is a certain alchemy to being able to transform the evolution of a trend story into a “new” or “refreshed” product or brand.

Every assignment presents a unique set of circumstances for which no standard solution will work. When product design is done in a bespoke fashion, trends are transmuted into attractive consumer products, making for satisfied brand owners, merchandisers and end users alike....

That fact that you developed the Private Label and treat it like your own ‘child’ gives me assurance that you are the best brand benefactor to take it through the iterations it will need to go through as the market and our consumer evolves.”

"You really know how to speak to an audience."

 “ Your quick creative brain belies a commercial savvy, raw energy and wealth of resources which is a dynamite combination when applied to the product development process.”

Esthetic represents my brand's equity in the Manufacturing communities of Asia. My brand equity is safe and my business is as well represented as if I was there myself.”

You have removed the friction between East & West in my global sourcing team with your collaborative, cool headed and experienced ability to communicate the essential
trend elements in a professional yet pleasant way.  As a result, every member of the team feels valued and inspired to take ownership of their part in the process.”

I needed a way to differentiate my commodity-based business.  I needed to create stickiness in the relationship I have with my buyers so that they treat me as a go-to resource. Having you work as a transparent part of my team has upped the ante on not only how professionally I present my business, but has helped me achieve my goals. The impact you have had on my ability to generate revenue will show when the POs are cut, of that I have no doubt.”