Esthetic founder, Michelle Comrie  was born in Africa. From remote rural beginnings she has migrated north and eastward, spending formative years feeding her desire to see the world and how it works through the eyes of a local brought to life with intoxicating stints in the sophisticated melting pots and cultural meccas of London, San Francisco, San Juan Puerto Rico, Atlanta, Hong Kong and Singapore. 

She is an inquisitive, engaged and avid explorer, culture vulture & brand advocate, passionately addicted to all things Colonial including architecture.  As an avid photographer she sees life through the eye of a lens, scrutinizing the fine details, sensing the nuances while living in the heart of it to feel the pulse or sometimes just as a keen observer from the sidelines, with a singular goal to soak up the cultural sensory landscape.

She has had the honour of working with some of the world’s most interesting and expertly crafted brands and has spent more than 15 years absorbing the business cultures, native psychology and  best practices prevalent in building brands and business in Asia, the APAC, the USA and Europe.  Michelle has served as the Creative Driving Force with a finger on the pulse of consumer market trends where they are born from and ignited by catwalk themes for a number of Hong-Kong and Shenzhen-based boutique Asian Buying offices since 2002.

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