Our Process

We distill direction from fashion trends and catwalks to provide your company with insight into the latest trends in play. Then we partner with your in-house merchandising team, revamping existing product lines or creating anew. Finally, Esthetic translates that information into bespoke, executional factory production line lingo, providing manufacturers with the detailed direction they need to make your commercially designed product a reality.

Minimize the costly setbacks that often accompany international product merchandising. With Esthetic, your company will gain an on-the-ground creative conduit that can translate between the boardroom and the factory floor, guaranteeing the successful and timely execution of your latest on-trend production samples.

Our three part process turns pie-in-the-sky trend forecasting into cost-effective product design.

Esthetic creates an individualized “Trend Look Book” for each of our clients. Your “Trend Look Book” will present a nuanced perspective on not just what is trending in your market but also the nuts and bolts of who and what is turning those trends into profitable products.

By distilling multilayered trend information – everything from understanding brand equity to changes in consumer demographics and haute couture markers – into a workable set of trend tools, Esthetic creates actionable development strategies for each of our customer’s niche brands.

As product development begins we partner with your own teams, relying on an evolved version of the “Trend Look Book” to act as the guiding principle behind product development.

From the product design we create a detailed creative brief for the manufacturer or merchandiser incorporating specific brand guidelines, Pantone numbers, images for reference, sizes, dimensions, weights and actual samples of fabric, material and fabric swatches. 

In many of the countries that are currently manufacturing the vast majority of consumer fashion-driven products, every person in the production line - from those on the floor all the way up to the managers - will do what they have been instructed to do, no more.


When misunderstood, this attitude towards production leads to design delay, inconsistencies in color, finish, texture and postponed shipments, all of which cost big money. But when leveraged correctly this cultural propensity for exactitude over nuance can produce expertly executed products.

The devil, as they say, is in the details.

At Esthetic we believe that being specific guarantees satisfying results.

Before production sample making begins, a member of the Esthetic team sits with factory representatives and merchandisers in their own showrooms, going through every part of the product brief to guarantee that all of the production details are understood.

Once we have samples in hand, Esthetic presents them to the in-house Client Buying Team, marrying the trend facts with the practical function of product application, leading to the successful leveraging of trends into new products that will create viable revenue generation.